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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I never thought I'd have problems in this area, but I need help deciding on a dessert to make for a meeting! Most of you know I sell (un-named) kitchen items in homes. Well, my team is having a big meeting with our National Executive Director at her house this Saturday and I'm supposed to bring a non (un-named kitchen tool company) dessert along with copies of the recipe for everyone. Most of the people in my cluster know me as a total foodie, so something that will impress is necessary. I'll have most of the day on Friday to work on it, but little preparation/baking time on Monday morning, as the meeting is an hour away at 10:30am.

So, any suggestions as to what I should make? Of course, whatever type of dessert I decide on, I'll blog about my creating experience. :-D


  1. Make an eclair cake. Totally easy and tastes wonderful. I can email you the recipe if you do not have it.

  2. Yeah. I've done eclair cakes before. I really want something people haven't had often or something that's really special, though. I do LOVE eclair cake, but I'm looking for something extraordinary. (-:

    You've given me an idea, though.....

    Maybe I'll do actual eclairs! Mmmmm.....